Building Maintenance Services Sydney for Real Estates, Stratas and Hotels

Building Maintenance Services Sydney for Real Estates and Property Maintenance Services for Stratas, Hotels and Commercial Clients

Westpoint Building Services Pty Ltd excel in delivering alltrade Building Maintenance Services and Property Maintenance Services to Real Estates and Stratas and Hotels, including Preparation For sale and Preparation To Rent (End Of Lease Repairs), electrical, plumbing, general repairs and Preventative Maintenance, including reports.

WPBS Services uses an industry software for building services management to communicate and book jobs with managers, tradesmenn and can arrange and communicate scheduling with your clients.

We are one of Sydney’s growing Building Maintenance Companies.

Building Maintenance Services and Repairs and the life of Property Managers

As we build sustainable, ongoing relationships with the real estate and strata property managers, we hear common threads to the challenges you face in building maintenance:

  • Tradesman often don’t turn up, reliability and dependability are at the top of significant issues for property managers
  • Lack of communication is frustrating when property managers need to feedback information to key stakeholders
  • Property managers are time poor and need easy, effective systems in place to deal with tradesman; you need to know when the job is scheduled, that it was completed and completed to a high standard
  • Many tradesman or ‘handyman’ as they call themselves do not have the necessary training, know-how and experience and leave jobs in ill repair, resulting in multiple call backs and ongoing frustrations
  • You need the job done right the first time
  • You need quotes promptly and the work carried out at the earliest possible convenience
  • You need fast turnarounds on emergency jobs
  • You need to keep your landlords happy and their tenants content and building maintenance repairs are crucial in this respect

We get it.  We don’t want you to have these experiences any more.

Good news… you don’t have to!

Our Reputation and Commitment to a True Quality Service and A True Quality Job – How We Solve Your Pain Points and Make Your Life Easier with Property Maintenance and Repairs

  • We always turn up and if we are delayed for any reason we contact key stakeholders immediately with our maintenance management software
  • You deal with the one person, our Director, Frank Cetinich, you will always know the status of your jobs
  • We will manage the whole maintenance and repair process for you, dealing with tenants and tradesman, as required
  • We are highly skilled and have a team of licensed and insured tradesman.   We use the best, reliable tradies and we make sure they are a cultural fit for us as well as for the customer.
  • The Director has wide experience in all aspects of maintenance and still does field work on the tools.
  • We are rarely ever called back to a job; we do it once and we do it right!
  • You will have quotes within 48 hours of scheduling
  • Once approved, you will always know what status the job is at, will be notified of job scheduling, progress and completion
  • As we are a smaller company we can respond quickly to emergency jobs and urgent jobs
  • We are not the cheapest building maintenance company, although our quotes are often competitive against the industry.  We can guarantee that the job will be done efficiently, to a high standard, reliably, on budget per quote and on time.
  • We are here for the long term. We are looking to build sustainable, ongoing relationships with Real Estate Property Managers, Strata Managers and Hotel Facilities Managers

If you are a Hotel Operations Manager please take a look at our dedicated Hotel Maintenance Sydney page here.

We also offer Commercial Property Maintenance in Sydney.

Building Maintenance Services Sydney – Our Director Frank Cetinich Explains Building Maintenance and Property Maintenance In His Own Words

Building Maintenance keeps all buildings to a certain standard.  If it is a house, this maintenance achieves the keeping of the house or apartment to a habitable, comfortable level, to health and safety standards so everyone is safe in terms of electrical, structural, etc.

The same applies to Commercial premises; people want to work in a safe environment and in a place where equipment is in full working order. As they use their site to a greater degree the amount of work required and how often it is required is greater. People walk around more and work, statistically, there is more chance for something to be broken, damaged, wear out, etc.

When people don’t own something and work hard for it they often don’t take care of it as much as they would something they own. Some people do take care of the property but generally when there is a rental property the standard of care can be less.  This can be a factor influencing the frequency of building maintenance. It certainly contributes to the reason for it.

When I attend a job for building maintenance, I don’t just fix things ‘for now’.  If I can make the repair last as long as possible, THAT is my goal.  I make sure those who work with and for me share this same goal and the same values.

Practically and in reality, for my own business, if I go back to a job I am losing money.  A Real Estate Company will make you repair something at your own cost unless you have a valid reason to justify it is not related to the repair you have carried out and you have not contributed to another fault or issue.  And so they should.

Real Estate and Strata Property Managers who work for someone usually look for cheaper solutions.  They also cast a wide net when looking for workers to do their building maintenance to get cheaper prices.

Either myself or members of my team are usually called back in the next 2-3 months to fix jobs where someone was found to ‘do it cheap‘.  This causes a nightmare for Property managers, extended work hours with calls, emails, coordinating with the original handyman to get them to go back to the job and attempt to fix the issue, and thereafter if no satisfaction in resolving the issues is achieved, further canvassing for new workers, etc.  It becomes circular, time-consuming and stressful.  Almost certainly the most for the Property Manager.

Ultimately, the landlord and tenant are the ones who are truly disadvantaged. The landlord loses money and their profit margin on their property income and value, spending money AGAIN on repairs that should have been carried out by properly trained tradespeople who have studied and learned the proper ways to fix things instead of a handyman who has ‘picked things up’ here and there.  Often a new handyman or new tradesperson needs to be called because the original handyman is not capable of fixing his/her own poor work.

I help businesses upkeep their properties and help them maintain the best working conditions of properties possible.  I fix everyone’s else’s problems that they cannot fix themselves and I also fix problems that people thought they could fix.

What is true value these days in Building Maintenance?

It is not fair for a worker to come back a second or even third or fourth time to fix the same thing and have the landlord/tenant pay for those repeat visits.

The attitude out there can be ‘it is working for now’ with the average handyman… ‘we will come back and fix it later‘… ‘She’ll be right!‘When it breaks down we will just charge for it again and fix it.’

In our opinion, this is ripping people off and giving everyone else out there who are tradespeople a bad name.

I don’t know how many times I hear the following complaints and phrases:

“I paid the job in full as they wanted it paid for immediately, they never came back!


They came back but never really finished the job.  I don’t know what to do or where to go or who to speak to now. Who do I trust?”

Most people just want the job done.  They don’t want rigmarole dealing with Fair Trading waiting months for resolution; the process can drag on 6-12 months to have a resolution process completed.  

True value these days in Building Maintenance, we believe, is paying for a product that is going to last more than 6-12 months and is NOT in need of another fix in less than three months, for a start.

How should landlords respond to a request for urgent repairs?

I believe there should be a minimum amount of $500 earmarked across the board as practice for emergency jobs instead of needing approval when there is a health and safety risk to the tenants. For example, that there no power in the house or electrical cables are exposed or there are burst water pipes, etc.

By Law, the Residential Tenancy Act states tenants can act earlier instead of a Real Estate and engage someone to the value of $1,000; they pay for this work and are reimbursed. Tenants may not necessarily engage the right worker to fix the emergency repair.

Tenants do not have the knowledge nor the expertise to choose a truly qualified tradesman in many circumstances and most people don’t use the Fair Trading website to check insurances are real and current.

The False Economy of ‘Cheap‘ in Building Maintenance

If a tradesperson or Building Maintenance Company are on the tenant contact list for their rental, this is the best solution for all concerned.

Engaging a fully qualified tradesperson and a Building Maintenance Company avoids a lot of pain and trouble in the long run. It makes life easier for everyone and maintains quality, safety and reliability with real estate property assets.

Constant, clear and ongoing communication and keeping Property Managers in the know is very important in Building Maintenance. I am always asking for feedback, and always open to suggestions and critical appraisal.

Without my customers, I don’t have a business. Feedback is crucial to a business in business growth and development. It is also part of forging sustainable relationships and receiving ongoing work and, really, results in the improvement of all facets of anyone’s business. No one does everything right all the time. We are all humans and are all learning every day.  I am a lifelong learner and never want that to stop.

If you’re not learning, really you’re not living in my opinion. Hence feedback is also crucial and necessary in business. To be open to change for customers in business is very important to me as I am not perfect. I am willing to change and learn to do something different if it helps them, makes life easier for them and saves time and conserves resources in business.

Frank Cetinich, Director, WPBS Services

Business is not difficult.  Business is Listening. Doing a good job. Turning up.

As Woody Allen says “showing up is 80% of life“.

Good business is communicating with people. Meeting up with people. Instead of getting to know a Property Manager tenuously across SMSs and Emails (or any customer for that matter where the relationships are ongoing).

I make sure I meet and speak to my Property Manager clients. SMSes and Emails are part of work, not part of the relationship.

Face to face can never be replaced. Nothing beats it.

An authentic connection helps you know if someone is telling you the truth, who they truly are and what they truly need.