Property Preparation for Sale and End of Lease Repairs in Sydney

Handyman, Handymen services, Sydney, Parramatta, specialists in bathroom & kitchen cosmetic renovation & general repairs for Real Estates, Stratas, Hotels, Residential, Alltrade services - electrician, plumber, carpenter, tiler, painter, gyprockerProperty Preparation for Sale and End of Lease Repairs in Sydney

Westpoint Building Services provide tenant vacate repairs, end-of-lease make good for Real Estates such as painting and general handyman type repairs.

We also specialise in Bathroom and Kitchen Renovations Sydney and full general cosmetic repair or full renovations for home remodels to increase the value and appeal of your dwellings.  Whether you are a Strata, Hotel, Commercial, Industrial or Residential client, we have a renovation solution for you across all trade services.  We can tailor renovations to suit all budgets and timelines, with a phased approach in terms of project management and payment schemes when milestones are reached during the renovation process.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry Renovations Are Our Specialty

  • Westpoint Building Services Pty Ltd offer a unique, tailored approach to kitchens for each and every customer, innovating against the very specific tastes, needs and expectations of every client.  Our client’s imagination can be realised through our unique and original custom kitchen design CAD software. Our kitchen’s are created with an incredibly high precision CNC machine.  This is akin to 3D printing for cabinetry. As our software is designed and measured to the micron, these kitchens are designed to fit your kitchen space perfectly.
  • Westpoint Building Services Pty Ltd custom-made, designed and installed kitchens are not your average flat-pack, DIY solution but a high-end boutique quality kitchen design.
  • We offer a manufacturing and installation solution for residential & commercial clients, especially across Real Estates (preparation for sale and preparation for lease, Stratas (property renewals), Hotels (renovation, refurbishment, renewal & cosmetic repair).
  • Our bathroom renovations include new plumbing & hardware/fixtures installation reconfigurations of your bathroom to maximise & utilise space (especially in townhouses and apartment units and small houses where space is at a premium).
  • Our personal approach is to design to suit the customers wants and needs (as in function if elderly, disabled, etc for practicality or as in design & aesthetic tastes and appeal if the customer has a specific interior design in mind).  We create the kitchens, bathrooms, laundries of your imagination and make them real, wonderful & sustainable, within budget, with high quality and project-managed time frames.

Here is an example of a job we did for a residential client for Preparation For Sale in Sydney.

Cosmetic End of Lease Repairs and Building Maintenance Services Sydney

  • Water leaks
  • Water damage repairs (showcase of a water repair here)
  • Gyprock repairs
  • Painting (internal and external)
  • Balcony leaks
  • Balcony sliding doors and security screen repairs
  • Door replacements
  • Door and window lock replacements
  • Sliding wardrobe wheel repair and replacement
  • Roof repairs and leak repairs
  • Carpentry and joinery repairs
  • Appliance removal and upgrade installs
  • Light fixture replacements
  • Bathroom fixture renewals
  • Retiling and grouting
  • Repair or replace floors/install new floors (showcase of floor replacement we did here)
  • Decking repairs
  • Pergola repairs
  • Roof repair (including roof tile repair)
  • Bathroom vanity upgrades and installs
  • Shower repair and upgrades
  • Toilet cistern repairs or complete toilet suite replacements

We can efficiently manage your projects with our building maintenance software and have a team of contractors across alltrade services.

Emergency Repairs and Urgent Building Maintenance Sydney Repairs

As we are a smaller, growing company, we are able to respond with faster turn around times meeting demands for emergency repairs and urgent property maintenance requests.  Our skilled, professional and reliable team are prompt and reliable, available for after-hours jobs/emergency jobs in Sydney.

Senior Friendly Bathrooms, Bathroom Modifications for the Elderly, Bathrooms for the Elderly

Westpoint Building Services specialise in Bathrooms for the Elderly.  You can read our article with our recommendations here.

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